This post is gay

What does it mean to be gay?

In my naive mind, I thought it always meant one thing – to be attracted to a person of the same gender as you. Pretty simple stuff, right?

Apparently not. Ever since I was a little kid, the word “gay” has been used to describe just about anything negative.

This movie is gay. This book is gay. Those pants are gay. I have seen just about everything in my life described as gay. It has gotten so far out of control that there were even Public Service Announcements on television urging us to stop calling things gay.

Some of you might see this PSA and shout about a liberal media conspiracy, designed to further put down traditional masculinity and turn our boys into wimps. And you would only be half right. Or half left. Because both the left and the right of the American political spectrum has used “gayness” as a means to put down an activity that to any normal person observing – implies zero homosexual activities whatsoever.

Liberals have long implied that Vladimir Putin was gay, with his penchant for taking off his shirt and indulging in the most “macho activities” possible has been the butt of liberal jokes for quite some time. Yes – the same political group that is ready to end your livelihood if you do not abide by their principles, routinely calls a world leader gay to damage his reputation. The irony isn’t lost on me either.

On the flip side, conservatives have long derided such “gay” activities as fashion, or sports such as figure skating or cheerleading. Even Return of Kings, one of the last outposts of safeguarding traditional masculinity – has had articles where the word “faggot” was used for motivation. Nowhere in that article was homosexual sex mentioned. But, if you don’t have your life together, you are a faggot, so get off your ass and do something about it, the article implied (again, no actual gayness anywhere).

In 2014, when homosexual relationships are more and more accepted, to the delight of some, and the scorn of others, one thing has remained constant – no straight man wants to be called gay.

And that fear of judgement has led to a paralysis, a total fear of action, because some of these activities may get you called “gay” by someone else.

A few months ago I came across an article on Huffington Post titled “11 things men wish they could do without judgement” and I laughed at its stupidity, as well as my own results. The “Men don’t want to be called gay by anyone ever” hysteria is summarized perfectly in that article, because not one of these 11 items involve ACTUAL homosexual activity, heck, they aren’t even really “flamboyant” or “stereotypically gay”. Check out the article. I’ll wait


Any excuse to run this picture again

Of those 11 “Girly Things” – I do 10 of them. In the interest of full disclosure – I don’t wear yoga pants because I have never been a fan of tight clothes, especially as a workout or lounging outfit.

Now, does doing all of this make me gay? No.

But then I realized just how damaging these accusations can be to the average mans quality of life. Without fashion (gay), without exercise (gay bodybuilders are gay), without interesting hobbies (gay, gay, gay, fairy, sissy), just what kind of person are we left with? What becomes socially acceptable masculinity?

TV Answers that question for us – with its schlubby, unkempt men, wearing generic button down shirts and loose fit jeans (because tight jeans are gay), drinking one of 5 acceptable brands of beer (drinking craft beer or *gasp* – a brightly colored mixed drink? Get the fuck out of here, faggot) and poorly groomed facial hair. These are the interchangeable men you see in beer commercials, usually watching sports, because the media will always tell you what is acceptable or not, as long as you drink their piss bear. These guys are the kinds of guys no one would ever call gay, and that’s used to control them

Want to try different fashion options?

Not on my watch, faggot.
Want to put your laptop and gym gear into a stylish messenger bag?

Get the dicks out of your mouth queer.

And enjoy crisp, refreshing Miller Lite while watching football. If you’re comfortable with watching a horde of men in their physical prime dog pile on each other while wearing tight pants.

The readers and writers of manosphere sites promote a “red pill” lifestyle, removing the blinders that we have been wearing our entire lives and see the world for what it really is. Add this to your list of Red Pill truths – self improvement is not gay. Adding new, interesting, productive hobbies is not gay. Unless one of those hobbies is having gay sex. Then that’s actually gay. But you already knew that.

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  • Von Munchausen

    Well said…
    As a military dude who has used such slurs for most of his life, I have excised them from my vocabulary. I did this mostly because of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.
    However I have found different and better ways to make fun of people.
    Calling someone one of the versions of “gay” is easy.
    I find it is more fun to dig deeper into the vocabulary.

  • ello

    This seems really childish. Am I that disconnected with reality? Do men today actually think about how gay things might make them appear? So much that it makes them NOT order the drink they want at a bar?

    This isn’t targeted at junior high schoolers.

    • Kid Strangelove

      It’s unfortunately true. The “11 things” huffington post piece felt so weird to read. It’s even weirder to see it in person.

  • Don Roberto

    “In 2014, when homosexual relationships are more and more accepted, to the delight of some, and the scorn of others, one thing has remained constant – no straight man wants to be called gay.”

    I would say these days with the acceptance of homosexuality it is seen as more important than ever not to be seen as gay. Before widespread promotion of homosexuality, there was no connotation of gayness with being stylish/fashionable; there was no connotation of gayness with the arts; the close male friendship (I suppose what we would describe as a ‘bromance’ these days) was a perfectly normal thing, but with no sexual/romantic implication.

    The fact that gayness is so normalised is part of the reason straight men feel the need to make sure people don’t think they are gay. People have ‘accused’ me of being gay before. I am slim and dress fairly well – these were the only supposed ‘indicators’!

    • Kid Strangelove

      That’s actually a good connection, I’m surprised I haven’t seen it before.

      And now that I think about it more, calling things “gay”, and the fear of it, might actually be the most visible element of the male version of the “rationalization hamster”.

  • Robert W

    This isn’t news to anyone any more, but a very useful word “”gay” was totally hijacked from the English language.