7 reasons why Bruce Jenner has been trolling us with Caitlin all along


Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn Jenner has been dominating the discussion everywhere – it seems no matter where you turn, everyone has an opinion about the Olympic legend’s Vanity Fair photo shoot.

Some have called Caitlyn a hero, some have vilified her. Or him. The pronouns are always a big and confusing part of the discussion. My favorite post on the topic belongs to my man Mike Cernovich, who uses this as a great opportunity to talk about TRT usage (seriously give it a look, it’s brilliant).

I’m here, as always, to share something a little different. I genuinely believe that Bruce Jenner has pulled off the most masterful troll job of the century, because the more I look at this story, the more this all seems like a giant “fuck you” to his ex wife Kris Jenner, as well as his family. Here is my evidence:


1. The Timing

Kim Kardashian just announced her pregnancy, but because of Bruce’s news, this announcement received very little fanfare. Now, the Kardashian family aren’t the type to keep stuff like pregnancy on the low – they monetize every aspect of their lives – and all of that is possible because of the fanfare that surrounds it. Essentially Bruce just cost the Kardashians a lot of money, maybe millions. And who manages the Kardashian empire – his ex wife.

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Manspreading – Social Justice and Racism Together at Last.

The New Yorker never fails

The New Yorker never fails

Yeah, I’m late. In the world of the internet – commenting on a week old story is about as good as talking about that “new fangled” CD Diskman all the kids are using these days. But this is too good not to pass up.

You might have heard of the war against “manspreading” – or men sitting with their legs far apart in public transportation. It is not uncommon to see a sign like this on your daily commute in New York City:


I didn’t think too much about it at first, after all, I had bigger fish to fry in my life, but last week – things changed – we had our very first arrest for “manspreading” in NYC.

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Shout Out To The Soldiers of the Manosphere

Have a look at the following  gallery of pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now where could I have found those pics? 8chan? 4chan? Manosphere forums? Nope, not even close. These pictures popped up on my Facebook news feed from the following pages: Anime Girls Rustle Jimmies, Nigga you just went full plebeian and Patri-Archie comics. I shared all of these pictures, and yet my numbers are still where I left off – no “Facebook friends” lost, no angry comments. just a couple of likes, some nods in agreement. Continue reading

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10 Observations From Living In America’s Most Notorious Neighborhood

Park of my work route

Part of my work route

In late February – early March, 2014, I was put in a rather uncomfortable position. My roommate at the time informed me that he will not be able to sign a year’s lease with me. He was having difficulty finding steady work, and the situation was heightened by the fact that the rent for our two bedroom slice of comfort would spike by nearly 20% for the new lease.

The apartment was nice, and it performed its functions admirably, but it was not worth the rent spike. I soon learned that lesson the hard way. As potential craigslist roommate after potential craigslist roommate stopped by to check the place out, I could tell their dissatisfaction by the look in their eyes. It was not worth the money. And one by one, my potential roommates turned me down. I was left with a 2 bedroom apartment and 2 weeks worth of time to get the hell out of there.

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Manosphere.com turns 1!

I’m a bit late to the party for obvious reasons, but Manosphere.com has already spent a year serving you up the latest and greatest content from all over the manosphere!

Time flies doesn’t it? I started the site by aggregating roughly 50 blogs, and now the blog count has tripled and then some! We have all sorts of themes  and ideas discussed – liberal and conservative, game, money, fitness, lifestyle, stories, musings, opinions – no topic and no view is off the table.

This remains my proudest accomplishment – 1 year later Manosphere.com stays true to the original goal of giving a voice to a wide array of people from all walks of life, and this guiding philosophy will remain for as long as I’m running the site.

But this celebration isn’t about me – it’s about you. Several weeks ago I asked twitter – “what does the manosphere mean to you” – and many of you sounded off. Continue reading

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You’re a Man in America. You Want to Meet Girls. You Can’t Leave. Now What?

My Contribution to "American Girls Be Like"

My Contribution to “American Girls Be Like” meme

Day in, day out, in this little corner of the web, its the same old story: American women are fat, American women are gross, American women act like children, American women are surgically attached to their smart phones, the list goes on. Continue reading

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Why Gamergate will win – My own personal story with gaming

It’s been almost 8 months since #Gamergate was declared dead, or was it 6 months, 4 months, 5 weeks? Who can keep track of it anymore. The topic is as active as ever on 8chan, reddit and twitter, new controversies popping up almost weekly, and old controversies being revisited. The lines have clearly been drawn, the participants are at their battle stations for the next conflict in this culture war.

Social Justice Warriors vs Gamers.

Someone who has never lost before vs someone who is trained never to lose. As absurd as this may seem to a casual outsider – this is the cultural battle of a generation.


And no war is complete without some nifty propaganda

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Check me out on Episode 81 of the Matt Forney Show

Yesterday I hung out with my friend, the biggest heel of the internet, Matt Forney, and we recorded a podcast episode, in between eating ridiculous food, sharing stories, and playing the greatest video game known to man – DiveKick

Check out The Episode Here.

I share some intimate details about about chemo, get blown away by the amount of hate mail Matt receives, and bring you a sneak peak on the newest upcoming feature on manosphere.com

Speaking of chemo – don’t forget to donate to the Mayo Clinic. They are matching all donations till April 28. 

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Cancer Diaries – How You Can Help

In the last few weeks, the support that I have received from the manosphere has been overwhelming. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Every kind word, every prayer, every moment of encouragement is absolutely heart warming. I treasure my time in the manosphere, the friendships made and the lessons learned. And in my most difficult moment, you guys have been there. Thank you.

Many of you have been asking about how you can help – and there is a way. Now, I’m usually in no quick hurry to accept money from other people – my situation in life is pretty good, but let’s show what good the manosphere can really do for people.

Long story short – modern medicine is incredible.

I have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, one of the most treatable forms of Cancer there is. I’m 30 years old, keep in good health, so there is a very good chance that my cancer will not only be treated – but eventually CURED – isn’t that ridiculous?!?! Curing cancer is an actually reality in 2015.

But we have to remember that it wasn’t always this way – and we only have to look at a few charts to prove it.


The chart above was taken from Cancer Research UK  – and all you have to look at is the difference between the 1970’s and now, and it feels like a damn miracle.

And here is where we come in.

Vice has recently aired a very well received special – Killing Cancer on HBO, on the ever evolving methods of Cancer treatment. Until April 28th, they have pledged to match (that’s right, match, as in DOUBLE) every single donation to the Mayo Clinic, a global leader in Cancer research. The stuff they are coming out with is truly miraculous. Let’s donate, for everyone that has been affected by this terrible disease, so that one day in the future, cancer can be completely eradicated.

DONATE HERE – even a small donation is better than no donation

Let’s show people what good the manosphere can really do.

If you want to help me personally.

If you’ve donated to the Mayo Clinic (or you don’t have money to spare, which is understandable in a rough economy), there is one other thing you can do for me, and it won’t cost you a single cent.

There has been one unexpected expense during the course of my treatment- Taxis. I live in New York City, I don’t own a car, and have relied on public transportation, particularly the subway, to get around where I need to go for years. However anyone who has been to New York City knows that the subway isn’t exactly the cleanest place in the world.

"Oh my God, who the fuck sneezed?"

“Oh my God, who the fuck sneezed?”

So while I am undergoing chemotherapy, with the severely weakened immune system that accompanies it – I decided to ditch the subway and switch exclusively to Taxis and Uber.

And here is where you can help – if you are not already an Uber member – please sign up for Uber using the link below:


Or enter the code “ubermanosphere” (without the quotes) from the uber app.

What do you get: a free Uber ride up to $20.
What do I get: a free Uber ride up to $20 bucks.

You get free stuff, I get free stuff, everybody wins. And you will be helping me increase my quality of life.

Still Feeling Generous? Already used an Uber discount code?

Uber also has gift cards available, which you can purchase at https://riders.uber.com/gifts - some accounts might require the gift card feature to be activated first. If you decide to purchase a gift card – please address it to my email address – [email protected]

And remember – if you have to choose between donating to the Mayo Clinic or purchasing the Uber gift card – please please choose the Mayo Clinic!!!

Want to help out – but don’t feel like dealing with Uber?

There is one more way to help me out – Amazon. Just like pretty much everyone these days – I have an Amazon Associates account – meaning that I get paid a small commission if you buy something with my referral code. It’s a tiny amount, but it helps. To be honest – if I get a bunch of money on there – I will probably re-donate most of it to the Mayo clinic.

To shop at Amazon while using my referral code – click here

And because Matt Forney gave me this idea – Let’s repay him by buying his wonderful books

Once again, I would like to thank the Manosphere. You guys have been a great part of my life for years. Together – let’s donate money to one day make Cancer a thing of the past… and maybe even get me a free ride to chemo:)

I love all of you


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Cancer Diaries – I saw evil today

In many ways in my life, I have been incredibly blessed.

My life story is a bit convoluted, and the specifics of it I prefer to keep private, but I ended up coming from Russia to America, and staying here, where I had a immensely higher chance of attending University than I did back in Moscow (back then, each University had their entrance exams the summer after your senior year, so you could apply to maybe 2-3 schools tops, and if you didn’t make it – mandatory military service. I am not sure how the practice is now). I managed to get an education at a top tier university in a field that is highly in demand (computer science), simply because, at first, I wanted to make video games for a living.

Heck, even my shitty sex life ended up working out great in the long run. 

And even if it was destined for me to have Cancer, I lucked out again – Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is one of the most curable and survivable cancers there is. Yeah, chemo sucks, side effects suck, but knowing that I WILL make it it the only motivation I need.

There is one way that I lucked out the most – my mother. She has been my strength, my rock, my confidant throughout my entire life. She is the reason I stayed here in the USA, legally I might add, got a top tier education, became an American citizen.

Since my Cancer diagnosis, her help and support is proving invaluable. She helps with everything – scheduling, lifestyle changes, medication. She has been there by my side during every treatment and doctor visit. I thank her every day, and I know that I would respond the exact same way in a heartbeat if she needed my help.

Because of her, it’s been hard for me to relate to some of the stuff coming out of the manosphere – especially the “All Women Are Like That” (or AWALT) mantra, which is incredibly widespread. Granted – I have met some truly terrible women, and the internet is filled with plentiful examples of terrible mothers, the most fascination of which to read is the subreddir /r/raisedbynarcissists - highly recommended when you have some time, I spent hours there when i first discovered it.

With Cancer, however, everything becomes different. People have shown me their brightest, most supportive and wonderful sides. It is where family bonds become the strongest. At least that’s what I thought.

Flash back to last week, my mother and I were leaving the treatment facility, then we looked at each other and I said “I saw evil today”.

About an hour earlier, while we were in the waiting room at the doctors office, I overheard a family talking nearby – a father, mother and daughter. The daughter was starting chemo next week – and she had the same protocol as I had – which includes this new drug that has only been out of clinical trials for treating Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in late 2014. There was not too many first hand account on various blogs and forums about this type of treatment, I would know, my mother and I read a LOT of them. So I decided to introduce myself to this family.

The daughter was very pleasant, and I did my best to put her mind at ease. The father seemed the most nervous out of the three.  And then the mother laid this gem out:

“They told us the first treatment is 8 hours at least, is there a place I can go near by? Is there stuff to do? 8 hours is a really long time, I gotta do something to not get bored”.

I was shocked, my mom was shocked, we of course didn’t show it because we didn’t want to raise a stink at the doctors office.

The day of my first treatment, I ended up spending nearly 12 hours in the hospital. That new miracle drug takes a very long time to administer the first time, a small price to pay for a miracle drug with no side effects. My mother was with me in that little room the entire day. Later on she told me that the time felt like nothing, that it flew by, and that she was nervous and on edge the entire time.

I could feel the same type of dedication from this girl’s father. I could tell that when he asked me questions, how he looked at me. I was certain that he would be there all day.

The mother however, barely asked anything. except about the concerns of her own boredom.  To borrow a term often overused by the SJW horde – “wow, just wow”.

Listen, lady – FUCK YOU. That’s your little girl. No matter how old she is – that’s your baby. That’s your blood, that’s your legacy, and that’s how you treat her? 


There’s bad people out there, sometimes even close to you, and that is the toughest Red Pill to swallow. I’m just glad that this is one thing that I will never have to go through.

Once again, I am truly blessed, and I hope you are too.

And to the parents that are reading  this – love your kids, you are their strength, they are yours.

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