#NoNothingNovember – Announcing the partnership of /r/TheRedPill and Manosphere.com


The Red Pill and Manosphere.com partnership in pic form

I didn’t want to spoil anything, but now it’s official – my site Manosphere.com has partnered with The Red Pill Subreddit (/r/TheRedPill) to bring #NoNothingNovember to a wider audience!

Please visit the #NoNothingNovember thread on /r/TheRedPill to submit your blog and challenges, as well as get all the details. The winners will be announced early December and will win a 1 month “Sticky” spot at the top of Manosphere.com, as well as a month’s worth of Reddit gold. Blogs that are entered will be automatically added to the Manosphere.com aggregate for an extra boost to your blog’s profile.

I’m looking forward to hearing about all of your wonderful results!

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#NoNothingNovember Returns, and this time it’s about you

As long time readers of my blog already know – last year, on a whim, I decided to quit 3 of my vices and document my results in this very blog. There were highs, there were lows, there were lessons, but ultimately I came out the other end a better person.

A lot has changed since last year. While many of these details are from my private “offline” life – one big change that I openly talk about is the launch of Manosphere.com – the one stop destination for the latest happenings in the Manosphere. Because of that site I have been exposed to a wide array of new and interesting blogs on a variety of topics, and the community and audience is only growing stronger.

And as the cool air, NHL action and the pop up Halloween stores indicate – October is in full swing and November will start soon.

It was time to challenge myself with No Nothing November once again, but this time I want to extend the challenge to you – my loyal readers.

I want you to join me in “No Nothing November” to get rid of your vices, better your life, and live one month with sheer discipline just to see if you can. And of course, no challenge is complete without a reward – and this is a good one.

I would like you to document your progress on your own blogs, and share them with the #NoNothingNovember hashtag in the title. Once November ends – I will pick one blog from the participants – the blog that impresses me most with it’s author’s No Nothing November participation – and feature it on my site.

Your blog will not only be permanently displayed in the featured blog section – but all of your blog posts for the month of December will be stickied on the first page of Manosphere.com – which will result in a guaranteed spike in readership.

This is a great opportunity for you up and coming bloggers to shine through, and I am looking forward to your submissions!

How To Enter:

  1. Email me at [email protected] before November 1 and let me know that you are participating
  2. In November – post on your blog with a title that starts with “#NoNothingNovember” detailing how your battle with your vices and your quest for self discipline is going.

And that’s it!

And, it wouldn’t be fair of me to run this contest without throwing my own participation in (don’t worry, I’m not eligible to win). Because, like all of us, I could use some discipline.

Here are my goals of #NoNothingNovember:

1. No tobacco. I have come to realize that cigarettes are a lot harder to quit than I originally thought. My tobacco use is down, but not out. I plan on fully eliminating it this November.

2. No bad food/alcohol. Having recently joined a new Crossfit gym, I was reminded once again how important proper nutrition is. When I eat well – I am a machine, when I don’t – I struggle. I don’t want to struggle anymore. I don’t want to be known as “surprisingly strong” or “can you believe he works out 5 days a week” – no – it’s time for my body to match my gym habits. And it starts with food.

3. No Underachieving. This is the hardest one of them all. I’ll admit, it sucks being called out. It’s even worse when it’s true. I was recently mentioned in a Wall Street Playboys article about someone who should be doing more. And he’s right. Manosphere.com is not properly monetized yet, I have a FINISHED book on online dating that’s just sitting there waiting for me to publish it, a side project that I only slightly touched on (that one will remain private), and a few other things. I need to step it up with my alternative money making opportunities, because recently it was reaffirmed to me how important those things were. Right now, in my “alter ego”, I work for a tech startup. That’s as far as I’m going to elaborate. But recent actions against two of my friends (namely Matt Forney and Mike Cernovich, coincidentally, two former Manosphere.com feature bloggers) show just how important it is to be independent.

There were hit pieces against my friends, lots of fire and flame, but they withstood it because the angry hordes of the perpetually offended privilege checkers have one move – go after someone’s employment. And When you are making money independently from a corporate entity – they can never get to you.

What’s my crime? My crime is helping men and giving them a unfiltered voice. I’d like to think that I will never be found guilty in the court of political corectness, and that my online life and my offline life will never cross paths. And maybe I’m just being paranoid. But in today’s environment, you never now. And shit – the best case scenario – I just get a lot of extra money to spend on soccer jerseys and novelty tshirts.


So there you have it. Today is October 20. You have 11 days to reach out to me and enjoy your vices for one last time. I’ll be doing the same.

I look forward to hearing from all of you.

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The Rotherham child sex abuse scandal and the American media coverage – in pictures

I haven’t posted in months. Real life kept me busy, but what I saw today has truly shaken me to the core. And yes, I am using clickbait language, but I mean it.

If you are not familiar with the Rotherham child abuse scandal - check it out the BBC coverage on it. Over 1400 children were abused, gang raped, prostituted, doused with gasoline and threatened to be set on fire. Truly horrible things. This is about as blatant of an example of “rape culture” as there ever was. And yet, here is the response. All of these images were taken on Friday, August 29, between 11:15 AM and 1:45 AM Eastern Standard time.

Let’s start with Jezebel, a prominent feminist blog on the Gawker network. How did they respond to girls as young as 11 experiencing this abuse?

I see, What about its “parent blog” – Gawker?

Holy shit. Ok, maybe I’m overreacting. Let’s see how Slate reacts. They’re a serious news publication, right?

Nothing here. I check my spelling to make sure I spelled the name of the city right. Nope, still “Rotherham”. Ok. What about buzzfeed? Maybe they already have a top 10 list illustrated with Gilmore Girls gifs about how awful this scandal is.

Nope. But that bulge quiz sure looks important. Maybe I’m being too hard on this clickbait site, what about Upworthy?

Things that matter, pass them on. I guess those 1400 children don’t matter.

Ok, what about Vice? They are on the cutting edge of journalism?

Cutting edge? More like cutting room floor.

Ok, maybe I’m expecting too much from these mainstream sites. What about Feministing – the hardcore, no nonsense, take no prisoners feminist blog?

Well, there you have it. Rape culture doesn’t matter.

If only the perpetrators were lacrosse players or have sent some mean spirited tweets, then maybe we could get some coverage.

EDIT: added ThinkProgress, because a massive child abuse scandal is not thinking about progress.

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Dusting Off The Welcome Mat for the new Manosphere Readers

In light of the Elliot Rogers shooting spree and the reactions to this tragedy from all walks of life – there has been a lot of attention paid to the manosphere. I should know – I run Manosphere.com and traffic has skyrocketed in the last few days. To those people that have never heard of us before, are curious, or have simply come here to “hate read” – I say – welcome.


I will not try to assign blame or guilt, I will not try to dissect the killers words, actions and motivations. Everyone else seems to be doing that. Instead, I would like to take a minute to talk about the Manosphere.

We are Not The Bad Guys.

At some point last year ABC was planning to do a hit piece on television about the manosphere, but pulled out for a number of reasons, most likely because they reached the same conclusion.

You can read my reply to ABC’s hit piece here here. I explain what the manosphere is, why it needs to exist, and what kind of problems men face.

While it seems like a lazy cop out to post an old article of mine – please understand, I did this to prove a point – this is not the first misinformed attack on the manosphere, nor is it the last, so the points made above will still apply.

We Teach the Truth and how to deal with the truth.

Several news sources have picked up quotes from RooshV and misinterpreted those words as “sexual entitlement”. Ana Kasparian is one such example:

Roosh’s words, at least in my interpretation of them, weren’t meant as a promotion of sexual entitlement, but as a commentary on the state of affairs of modern sex and sexuality. He was simply stating that many of us know and believe – modern sex and dating is not like in generations before.

Are we “entitled to sex”? No. We deal with reality to have sex. We make the modern sexual process work for us. We know that to be attractive men today – you are either the shit, or you don’t exist. 

Again – a seemingly lazy cop-out posting my own article instead of explaining the concept – but we have been through and talked about this before.

We Encourage Men To Vent as a Healing Process.

One of the criticisms against the manosphere is that the rhetoric can at times seem hateful and uncivilized. I understand this – but at the same time feelings and opinions need to be shared to be better understood. This is why I run Manosphere.com without any censorship or limitations – because when men learn the truth about the world, a truth that is often drastically different from their initial perception that they have bought into for so long, they need to go through 4 stages of the Kübler-Ross model (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression) before they finally reach Acceptance. For many people – the Manosphere is the one place where they can truly express themselves.

In my most popular post of all time – I share my fear of a weaponized false rape allegation. This fear is highlighted every time I hear about a college student unjustly kicked off of campus without any semblance of due process – a practice that seems to be growing more prominent and is even encouraged by the United States government.

While we must deal with the negatives of our lives, in another post I make a point that we should not dwell on the negatives and let them control us. We must grow and become better people.

Again – I’m posting my own articles. Again – we have talked about this before.

We Encourage Positive Change.

The best part of the manosphere, and the one the media seemed to have gotten wrong the most often – is encouraging change. We constantly push ourselves to become better people through various means. The “sexual entitlement” attitude the media has tried to associate us with is simply not true – the manosphere culture is about encouraging achievement and personal progress.

I have previously shared my experiences with quitting 3 of my crippling vices – excessive marijuana smoking, excessive masturbation, and excessive media consumption, and my results, trials and tribulations associated with it.

I have previously shred my experiences with Crossfit – including coming to terms with my own body image.

Again, I share an old personal link with you, and again – it’s for the same reason – we have been doing this for a while.

So now that you  know who we are and what we’ve been doing, ask yourself again, are we the bad guy?

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I don’t often watch pickup videos – but this video is too good to not share (beta male shaming – LIVE)

RSD’s Tyler Durden – yes, THAT Tyler Durden, breaks down why women have a double standard when it comes to men – the lover and the provider, and you can witness this live on video.

I know a lot of people aren’t too keen on “PUA”, but this video deserves your attention, but you already knew that – first, because I recommended it – and 2nd – you know better than to reject something because of a label attached to it

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Top Manosphere Posts of the Week (05/12/2014)

Sorry for the lack of updates folks – I’ve been on vacation – and I’ve come back a lot tanner, chill, and somehow – with a really bad cold or virus that I somehow managed to catch in a sunny environment. Either way – things have been great – I finally have some haters – and on a subreddit that I actually read! I guess I have to celebrate. But we’ll celebrate with another edition of the top 10 list.  Continue reading

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Top 10 Manosphere Posts of the Week (04/28/2014)

Welcome back readers – It’s been a crazy last few weeks. My last post – the #1 Rule of Male Female interaction – was actually at the top of the 3 different male oriented subreddits in the last week - /r/theredpill, /r/mensrights and /r/seduction. It was quite interesting to observe these reactions from the multiple sides of the manosphere (at least I consider them so). But don’t take my word for it – have a look for yourself! And now – to the list: Continue reading

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The #1 rule of Male/Female interaction

“To women, you’re either the shit, or you don’t exist” – Kid Strangelove.

Yes. I just quoted myself. But let’s back it up a bit.

It’s funny how a theory perfectly comes together, almost out of the blue. Stuff starts to make more sense, and seemingly unrelated topics now have a common thread. Your eyes become open to a new way of seeing the world. But it all starts somewhere. And for me, that “somewhere” was on the phone, talking to a recently divorced friend, who was about to go on his first date since the divorce was finalized.

He was understandably nervous – after all, he was rejoining the dating scene for the first time in many years, and everything was new and strange to him. I gave him the same advice I always give to my friends on dates.

“You’re on a date, the hard part is over. If she is ON this date with you, if she is sitting across from you – that means she is attracted. You don’t have to worry about attracting her – that part is over. she likes you. Enjoy, have fun, and see if you like her and where you want to take it”.

There are minds in the “Game” world that would disagree with that statement, that the “Game” is on even during dates, that you need to watch what you say and do. Fuck that! Would she have gone out with you if she wasn’t attracted to you in some way? Of course not. So relax and enjoy yourself. Besides, I did not want to cloud my recently divorced friends head with various “schools of thought” on dating.

However – there was one other voice guiding my friend – his sister. And not the “You’re my brother, I love you, so I’m gonna tell you some real shit” type of sister, but the “I’m on Team Woman first, Team Brother second” type of sister, and she was clouding his thoughts. She told him to behave like a gentleman, to watch what he says and does, to pay for everything so he could “stand out from a sea of liars, cheaters, players and scumbags”, because that’s just what “all girls think guys are, and its up to you to prove otherwise”.


Oh hell naw. She did not just try to send her own brother down the path of expensive celibacy, especially right after a divorce. I had to shut this down.

Ultimate rant incoming

“Here’s the thing. Listen to these girls, they all say the same thing. “All guys are liars, all guys are cheats, all guys are douchebags, all guys are this that and the 3rd”. But we know that with simple math that this is not true. I’m not a liar, a cheat, nor a douchebag, neither are you. Neither are our mutual friends Shaun, Steven and Ricardo. Thats 5 people already. Hell, how many people do you know that are actually liars, cheaters or douchebags? Maybe 1 at best. Maybe. Most of our friends are great people with good matters. So we just took a big shit on her numbers.”

He listened carefully, and that’s when the entire theory rushed in, and I started to verbalize it for the first time.

“Most women can’t imagine a world where guys aren’t douchebags, because if all guys are douchebags – that means they (the women) are the good guys, the innocent victims in their stories. the oppressed. By openly saying that all men are pigs, it absolves them from their own responsibilities as the “other half” of the dating equation. So to maintain this – they apply the qualities of the attractive men who hurt them to all men, and simply ignore the ones who don’t fit into their preconceived notions.

Have you read any of those articles popping up once every 2 months or so, about how “nice guys aren’t really nice”. They simply can’t fathom a world where men are good people, where men “court” women, the same strategy used by our parents and our parents parents, and the same strategy passed on to us by family and media. No, they simply make all of these “nice” men fit their criteria that “all men are douchebags”. They will do anything to absolve themselves of any responsibility. And when men try to break the code, to make themselves more attractive, to stop being invisible and start playing by different rules, women suddenly become aware of these roles and desperately try to stop the invisible men from becoming visible.”

He was hooked. I was on a roll.

To women, you’re either the shit, or you don’t exist. And you see that everywhere. Example – a supermodel or famous actress mentions in an interview how its so hard to find anyone to date and that guys are intimidated by her. Bullshit. you know me – I will always hit on the hottest girl at the bar, no matter what. And I know there is a legion of guys out there just like me who would do the same. But these models and actresses are in a world filled with millionaires and moguls, celebrities and taste makers, the elite of the elite. Their barrier to a guy being “the shit” is way higher than anyone elses. So of course they get hit on everywhere they go. It’s just they don’t get hit on by guys who they think are “the shit”, but since those guys are invisible, they will say how nobody hits on them. And they genuinely believe it! Those guys that hit on her – are nobodies! ”

I was speaking to educate and empower my friend, but also to get a lot of stuff off of my chest, because I finally had that “eureka” light-bulb above the head moment. Sorry buddy, but at this point, it was as as much for me as it was for you.

“Look at the actions of feminists, especially in the United States. They say we live in a country where men have the power. But what do they define as power? They define it as institutional control. They are upset that only 20% of the house and senate are women and there has never been a female president of the United States. They are upset that most CEOs of big companies are male. However – if you define power as an individuals control of their own life – they have that in spades. They get better healthcare, female only causes, preferential treatments in the courtroom and in the hiring process for companies. More women than men go to college and they actually have reproductive rights where we have none. And the mythical wage gap – it’s been debunked so much its like arguing that the world is flat. Now, I don’t know about you, but how many men out there really have the drive and connections to get to the top of the political or business world. 1%? But how many women get to enjoy the advantages I described? All of them. But tell women that they have these advantages and you get called a sexist. They ignore the stuff you say. And you know why?”

“Because men are either the shit or they don’t exist. ” – my friend chimed in. He was getting it.

“You’re right. They worship the top, they covet it so much that anyone that is not there is simply ignored. Remember the row over ‘Cellular Solutions’? ”.

My friend did not hear about the story, so I sent him the article, and told him to look at the accompanying picture.


“What does this article say?”
“That a hard working all female company is still controlled by sexist patriarchal men at the top, creating a glass ceiling that no one can break”
“What does it miss?”
“That, except for the 4 senior positions, everyone is a woman. As a man trying to find work in this company, you probably won’t have a chance. Especially in this shitty economy.”
“What does it imply?”
“You’re either the shit, or you don’t exist.”

Now, all this seemed like some doom and gloom, “life sucks, so kill yourself” stuff that I was trying to say. Now, let’s see if my friend got the point.

“So what are you gonna do?”
“Be the shit.”

He got it, and I hope you get it to. That’s why I decided to tell this story in the way that I did – because after meeting quite a few “manosphere” members – we all felt like old friends. And that’s how I want to treat my readers – as friends.

Look, I know it’s not all peaches and cream for women in the world, even in the United States. I can definitely say that there are some areas where men have the advantage (I’ve written about it extensively) and there are some where women have the advantage. I know that as people, we are quick to exaggerate and maximize the effect of of the supposed disadvantages we’re dealt in life and minimize our advantages. That’s normal. But I can sit here and talk about my advantages and disadvantages, and not pretend that I am some poor eternal victim underdog trying to struggle with every aspect of my existence.

But, in my experience, in the myriad of interactions I’ve had with women from all walks of life – I have met so few people that possessed that quality – that ability to empathize with people who have it worse than you, that it shook me to my very core. So many women are just incapable of understanding male suffering, because in their eyes men are the leaders, men are the seducers, men are the producers, men are power, and women are eternally enslaved to men and have to fight through the system – a belief that was reinforced through parenting and educational indoctrination. It’s simultaneously sad and funny that to break this lifetime belief – it takes a son.  Read the article, this post can wait, read it and come back here. What did you think of the writer’s tone, her message? In this case, and only in this case, are men are no longer the living breathing symbol of power – but a boy who needs guidance, patience and understanding from a parent. Read the article. It describes my theory perfectly.

I can talk about this subject forever, and I will probably revisit it. But for now I will leave you with this – make the same conclusion that my friend made. If the world shows you a clear cut path to victory – take it. Be the shit. Be that walking talking representation of male power and ego, and you are bound to be worshiped. After all – if you give me the choice of being the shit or being invisible, I’d choose the former.

By the way – this theory has a name (and thanks to Dagonet for pointing it out). It’s called the Apex Fallacy. I googled it, but found nothing but a deleted wikipedia article and angry feminist rants about how this theory is nothing more than bullshit, without an explanation to back it up. I don’t know about you, but if something makes angry feminists froth at the mouth, it’s at least worth a look.


It took me roughly 10 minutes of distracted searching to come up with the following examples.

Australian media outlet points out the concern that more that more women over 55 are facing homelessness - while statistics point out that 64% of Australia’s older homeless population is men.  The media message is clear – homeless women are more important than homeless men

While the gender pay gap has been disproven more times than I can count – and young women are now shown to out earn young men - and earn way more university degrees – and have special incentives provided only to them – we are still subject to the argument that women make 77 on the dollar as part of a “big giant issue  that needs to be fixed” – from the government, and from the media. The message is also clear – as far as everyone is concerned – men run the world, no matter what facts and statistics show otherwise.

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Top 10 Manosphere posts of the week (04/14/14)

Welcome to another edition of the Top 10 Manosphere Posts of the week list! I’m not much for small talk today, so let’s jump right in:) Continue reading

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Belle Knox speaks the Truth on Opie and Anthony

By now you’ve probably heard the story of Belle Knox, the 19 year old porn star who was a Women’s Studies major at Duke university. If you haven’t - google around – the information on her is about as varied as the perspectives , takes, and criticisms of her actions. It seems just about everybody has an opinion on Belle Knox and everybody wants to express it, or already has.

Which is exactly what makes her appearance on Opie and Anthony different. Opie and Anthony have her do most of the talking, for about an hour. The interview itself is missing the usual hostilities that such a story would generate, so here Belle Knox feels safe about opening up.

I want you to listen to Belle Knox opening up. 

She speaks the truth. While her truth might not match with my truth or your truth, it might match up with the truth of others. This is how this 19 year old girl views the world. This is how a lot of other 19 year old girls view the world. And it’s worth a listen.

If this was a whiny tumblr site, I would preface this interview with a “trigger warning”. Folks on twitter have already called this interview vomit inducing, and requiring a break in the middle.

But in the end it’s just one girls truth. But be ready to recognize your own truths here.

Listen to her talk about her father. Listen to her talk about dominance and submission. Listen to her talk about attraction and the “friend zone”. Listen to her talk about what’s “hot”. Listen to her contradict herself over and over and over again. And then remember – she is a 19 year old college girl. How were you like when you were 19? I was that friend zoned loser that believed in romance. Were you? Are you still?

And since I’m such a good guy – here is a link for a direct download of the podcast – and here is a link to the podcast in the  iTunes store

Special thanks to Judge Miller and Manosphere Radio for the links

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